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Recommended Price Changes

Shipping Lists Review – Our Recommended Price Changes

Shipping companies update the prices they charge to transport goods as conditions in the market fluctuate. This could mean changes in the price of fuel making costs lower or higher, for instance. It follows then, that the best rates MBE can find for you are also subject to change. That’s why we regularly review shipping lists – and then let all of the independent entrepreneurs who make up our global network know what we’ve found.

This way, you know MBE is always looking to secure you the best rates – no matter what you need to ship.

Remember though, that these are only our recommended prices. It’s down to the independent entrepreneurs on our network to finalise them. They need to strike the perfect balance between making sure you get the great value and reliable service you’ve come to expect from MBE – and to be able to implement their own commercial strategy in their area.

Shipping Lists Review

After our most recent investigation of the markets, current tariffs, charges and so on, we have recommended that our entrepreneurs alter their prices in the following ways:

  • Increase the price of both domestic and international shipping by 4%
  • Apply additional supplements to heavy or awkward packages or those of a size of greater than 120 cm by 70 cm

Thank You for Reading

We know that this sort of information isn’t very interesting to read. But we hope you understand why we need to provide it.

As always, thank you for choosing MBE for your business’s logistics, printing and graphic design needs. It’s only by continuing to have clients like you – and to invest in our services and our network – that we can continue to add services like MBE SafeValue, our ultimate shipping insurance. Or MBE Import, so you can get all the help you need with exporting and importing goods.

Again, thank you.

If you ever need to know more about our shipping list reviews or why our recommended prices have changed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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